❝One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way❞

Frank Smith

How long does it take to learn a language? A western

Learning a language it is a bit like a learning an instrument: it requires a lot of practice on a daily basis, commitment, focus and most of all, passion!………

A taste of ice cream: from ancient civilizations to modern times

The word “Ice cream” evokes the fluffy, velvety, refreshing multi-coloured dessert, that we all love. But what are the origins of this extraordinary invention that is enjoyed in any season all over the world?………

The importance of corporate language learning amid Brexit

It is well known how learning a language is vital to our cognitive abilities, how it can benefit our mental health and improve our social skills as well as increase employability opportunities………

Italian open markets: the vibrant tradition of the Mercato

One of the many cultural aspects that I like about Italy, and that I mostly miss where I live, is the open market……

The importance of grammar in your language learning journey
The importance of grammar in your language learning journey

Generally speaking, grammar is regarded as a very boring task for students both children and adults in the language…..

A journey to Italy from dialects to languages

Everyone who has been to Italy knows that this a varied country with 20 regions, each one with different……

Italians and coffee an everlasting tradition

Italy is the country of coffee and coffee drinkers. This is a fact. About 97% of Italians drink coffee, but……